Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sensory Processing Disorders
Signs of Sensory Processing Disorders:
I have trouble focusing and/or concentrating
I am overly sensitive to loud sounds such as vacuums and blenders
I am always smelling people, food and objects
I chew on everything
I have poor fine motor skills such as handwriting and cutting
I have difficulty dressing myself
I sit with my legs in the "W" posotion
I put my socks on "just so" or maybe I never go barefoot
I always walk on my tip toes
I have poor gross motor skills, such as running and riding a bike
I hate being tickled or cuddled
I seem to be unaware of normal touch or pain; I often touch others too hard or too soft
I complain about tags in my clothing
I am a picky eater;  I resist new foods and textures
I have selective "hearing" or difficulty listening
I cry and shield my eyes from the sun and other bright lights
I hate having my hair washed, brushed, or cut